Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas plans etc.

Well, the snow's history now. It rained all day on Monday and I got soaking wet while going to the grocery store (and yes, I had a car). Today it's been snowing on and off. Big fat flakes. They melt the moment they hit the ground but look very beautiful coming down, viewed through a window.

My mom asked me to bake some things for Christmas. DH and I are going to my parents house this year. Mom's very busy working and trying to organize their new home and I'm not very busy. I said I would do it. I would have baked something anyway, to take there and for me and DH to enjoy at home. Might as well make a bit more. I'm thinking of doing a fruit cake (not my favourite personally, but DH loves it), a rum and coconut cake, some spiced banana muffins, white chocolate fudge and perhaps a bread or rolls..

I just put Titania (by Mirabilia) on the lap stand and will go and work on it in a moment. It's close to being finished, but I'm not thinking I'll get it done this time around yet. But who knows, if I really get into it, all is possible :)

As for this blog, I'm still working on it. I want to add some things to the side bar and figure out how to add pictures (to the side bar as well as these messages). I'm happy with the background color finally, for the moment at least. Played around with it quite a bit yesterday.


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