Sunday, November 27, 2005

Winter has arrived!

Yep, so I didn't find anything nice and free as a template so will have to settle with this one for now.

It's been a nice and quiet and wintery and Christmassy weekend. It was snowing all day on Saturday and DH and I went out and bought a Christmas tree (a fake one so it will for sure last well into January) and some poinsettias and things to put on the tree. We haven't had a tree before as our previous apartment has been too small. In the evening we watched a movie (Kill Bill 2, a rewatch) and drank hot chocolate.

Today we woke up to a beutiful day, everything covered in pure white snow and luminated by sunshine. We had a quick breakfast and went for a long walk. When we got back home we put the tree up. It looks lovely with the electric candles and golded beaded garland and my stitched ornaments. I'm going to go and put up the rest of our decorations up in a minute. I just love, love, love that it's Christmas again!


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