Thursday, December 08, 2005

Busy, busy, busy :)

No, I'm not neglecting my blog before I've even barely began writing it. I've just been very busy, mostly in a good way. A quick recount follows:
On Saturday we bought an armoire for the tv and associated electrical appliances. We spent a happy 4 hours putting this IKEA purchase together, but it was worth it. I LOVE being able to sit in our living room and not see the tv, video, DVD player and digibox with all their endless cords.
On Sunday DH and I went on a little Christmas trip. We drove to the nearby town of Porvoo and had a marvelous afternoon browsing in the tiny shops in the town's Old Quarters. We also visited an outlet shop for a publishing house and I found a brand new Kaffe Fassett quilting book for 15 € (goes in the shops for 25€) and a food/craft/decor book for fall and Christmas for 10 € (goes in the shops for 35 € so it was a real bargain!).
Monday was spend running errands and attending a Christmas fair were local crafters were selling their products. I was invited there by my father's aunt who makes gorgeous ceramic things.
Tuesday was the Finnish Independence Day, one of my favourite days of the year. DH and I spent the morning doing various chores (some nice and some less nice) and then we made a wonderful meal consisting of a creamy garlic soup, lamb with herbs and rice, a simple salad and a chocolate-lime pudding with chocolate raisins for desert. And we opened up one of the wine bottles we bought on our honeymoon (in Austria). Then we followed the typical custom of the day by lighting two candles on a window and watching the tv broadcast of the president's ball and being really rude about the dresses every one was wearing. It was fun :)

And now I've got to go as I (we) have a busy weekend coming up. We are expecting guests any minute now so I better go start dinner. Oh, and mop the kitchen floor :)


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