Friday, December 02, 2005

A trip to town

It seems my mood goes up one day and down the next. Well, this downwards turn actually began yesterday evening when I noticed I had a slight fever. I had been waiting for this Friday for so long. See, I'm not exactly rich and occasionally find myself quite without money entirely. This month had been one of those and it was all going to change today, the tax return day. I shoud have suspected something might go wrong when I couldn't access my bank information through the internet so I was unsure of how much money I actually had. Nevertheless, I was brave and hopped on the bus anyway. When there I went to an ATM and tried to take some cash when the maschine, with a lovely loud beep, informed me I had no money to withdraw. I'm ashamed to say that I almost started crying then and there. No tax return and still no paycheck from an article I wrote ages ago (it was suppsed to be paid at the end of November). I had no way to load my bus card, thus no way to get home, no way to pay the late fees at the library, no way to buy the Christmas cards I still needed to get (run out of the ones I already had) and no way to buy myself a little treat (like a few balls of yarn) I had been so looking forward to. Luckily I had arranged to meet DH for lunch and he gave me some money to get throught the day. So I got my errands done, except for the little treat, got my new driver's license with my new name and got us some lovely dinner plates with gift certificates we got as a wedding present. So all in all not that bad of a day. When I got home and finally got into my internet bank I noticed the tax returns had been paid to my savings account, an account that I do not have a bank card for. So all the stress could have been pretty much avoided if the internet bank had worked in the morning. Almost, but not all.


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