Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What I've done, what I will do

Today I had a surprise visit from a friend from Tampere. We went shopping, had a great lunch and then came home to look at some photos, drink tea and talk. It was so much fun!
Before meeting her in the morning I sent an application for a job. At the moment I'm waiting to hear back from two places (more like hoping they'll interview me) and there are two more jobs that I'm going to send applications to before Christmas.

I worked a bit on Mystery VIII this evening. I'm still going to put few needlefulls of thread into it and some beads before I'll take it off the stand and move on. I really really like it, but I don't see much progress so I should put it away for a while before I get frustrated. I also knitted some on my bolero while watching O.C. (we are few episodes into season two here, so please no spoilers). It's going to be lovely when done if the yarn is anything to go by. It's Rowan Calmer and the lovely soft sea green color.

Tomorrow I plan to finish one of my articles and start another one, bake a fruit cake, mail one Christmas ornament (way too late, it won't be on time...) and wrap two more to give to mom to give to my grandma and my cousin when she goes to see them on Boxing Day and learn how to add photos here properly and also to do a list of blogs I read. That should keep me fairly busy during the day but leave my evening free to stitch and knit.


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