Thursday, December 01, 2005

Work, maybe?

After a very rainy, very windy Wednesday we woke to a sunny Thursday with just enough snow on the ground to cover it. Lovely! I took a long walk in the woods nearby. I can not express how much happier I am with -2 C as opposed to +2 C, especially if the former is accompanied by sun and the latter by a rainstorm.

Before the walk I emailed with an editor of a magazine I've previously written a short article for and now hopefully can write a few longer pieces. We've actually been working on it for some time now trying to make my original idea work for them. Now it finally seems it's going ahead and I get to do it. I'm deliberately being vague about this as I don't want to jinx it before it's 100% certain. But I'm excited nevertheless :) So now, after my walk I've been sitting here with a cup of tea and some sandwitches and doing research. I should go to a library a bit far off from here to pick up a couple of books that they had on the subject, but I don't know if I should go now or after DH is home and we've had our dinner. If I'm going to make what I'm thinking of making for dinner I should start about half an hour from now (unless DH is working overtime) and I'm quite positive it will take me more then 30 miutes to go there (I don't even know how exactly to drive there!). If I waited until DH is here, we could have our dinner and I could make him drive the car, which would be a huge plus, but he probably would not find this plan enjoyable and thus be grumpy, which is not a plus. Oooh, decisions, decisions...

Oh yeah, I still haven't had time to figure out the photo bit. Will try to do it soon.


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