Friday, December 30, 2005

The Year 2005

The year 2005 was a good year. Wonderful actually. The year of changes. Best parts were us getting married, DH getting a job, and the three wonderful trips we took (to Paris, Austria and to the Karelia area in Russia). The worst part was my grandpa dying. Stitching-wise I'm not at all happy with last year. I was doing brilliantly until summer when all the wedding things and then the move and settling in and such messed me up. I hardly finished anything.

2006 will likely be another year of changes. We'll both try to graduate from university and we'll be buying our very first apartment. Maybe other things as well. We also have some trips planned. I could also list some stitching goals:

Of my existing WIPS I want to finish:
Chatelaine: Mystery VIII
Chatelaine: Taj Mahal Garden
Mirabilia: Titania
Lavender & Lace: Angel of Grace
Teresa Wentzler: Carousel
Teresa Wentzler: Wedding Sampler

+ work on all the other WIPs I have

Definite new starts:
Chatelaine: Sampler Mystery II
Chatelaine: Egyptian Garden

I'll be starting the year with the following rotation:
Mira/L&L: Titania
TW: Wedding sampler
Chatelaine (big): Mystery VIII
Chatelaine (small): Mini H
Other: Pam Kellogg's Strawberry Fields
Magazine: Rhode Island Sampler (just started this and so far I LOVE working on it)
Smalls: alternate with freebies and ornaments

As for quilting and knitting, well... I hope to finish up the nap quilt for bedroom very very soon (just needs quilting), make a lap quilt for the living room (for autumn-winter) and do or at least start a third one. For knitting I have no specific goals, I'll just do whatever I feel like doing. With these two hobbies I don't keep several WIPs or buy stash just because (as I do with stitching). I just pick a new projects as I'm about to finish one.


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