Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

2006 is here! I'm so looking forward to what the future brings.
Today was the beginning of a new year (well day 2), new month and new week. It didn't have a very promising beginning. DH had made porridge in the morning and left it on the stove for me. I put the heat on and managed to completely forget about it the very next second. I left the kitchen to do something else and about 15 minutes later I started to wonder where that awful burning smell was coming. Now I need to find some wonder product to clean the pan with and the house stills smells of burnt porridge 8 hours later! Oh, joy.

I had to go out to the university library to return and pick up some books (yes, I actually worked on my thesis today :) ) and to get some groceries. I also needed to buy a needle to sew the knitted bolero pieces together and to get 7mm needles for my next knitting project. Within minutes of leaving the house I was soaking wet. It was raining and the snow that had been on the ground had turned into that lovely watery slush. The yarn store was my last stop so when I got there I was feeling very miserable and felt like a deserved a treat and got some yarn in addition to the things I went in for. I know what I'm going to use them for, so I didn't buy them just because. After I got home I ate, did the dishes and dusted and then spent time playing with my new yarns doing gauge swatches. Everything worked out just the way I had hoped.

Now I need to start making dinner. After that I'm going to start Martina's new Sampler Mystery II (provided that DH remembered to print it for me) and finish finish the bolero. But right now I'm going to go and read some blogs and actually leave comments (one of my New Year's resolutions).


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