Saturday, January 07, 2006


Blogger is driving me crazy at the moment and it seems no matter what I do I can not change the order of the photos... So the first thing you'll see is my new knitting WIP. It's the Embossed Leaves Socks from the Interweave Knits winter issue. I'm using Fortissima Socka yarn and 2.5mm needles. I didn't have the best of starts with this one. The cast on method and the following 2 rows were something I'd never done before so had to learn those first. Then for some odd reason my stitches were way too tight and thus the sock threatened to become too small. So I ripped and started again with larger needles. Well, this time I didn't knit so tightly and the socks threatened to become too big. After I made a mistake in the leaves (knitted the same row twice) I decided to rip it all off again. And started again with the 2.5mm needles and this time, by some magic, they are spot on!

Here is then the latest finish: a pair of wrist warmers in Rowan Kid Classic. Again, the pattern was from a Finnish magazine, but I'm sure it's available elsewhere as well. These were super fast to knit! They're done using both of the colors at the same time, knitting with 7mm needles.
I had a bit of trouble with the lace cuffs, having never done lace before. I ripped and started over four times, only to realize I'd had it right the first time. Lesson learned: lace doesn't look good until you have plenty of rows done.

And here's a pic of me wearing one. They are very warm and will be very useful when I'm writing on the computer (it can get a bit chilly in the room). The only minus is that they are a bit itchy and I have quite sensitive skin, so I have to wear them on top of sleeves.


Blogger Christine said...

Wow, great job on your knitting, Lina! I love the wrist warmers. The leaves look really neat in the socks, too!

11:21 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

I'm planning on making those socks for blue blog's sockapaloooza. That or the cable & ribbed socks from IK's fall issue. They look fantastic!

2:46 PM  

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