Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I would have never thought

You learn something new everyday. And what I learned yesterday was something that took me completely by surprise. I'm talking about the purl stitch.
There I was browsing through a Finnish craft discussion board and I see a thread titled "The Purl Stitch" and I see there a few pages on it. How can there be so many messages about the purl stitch? I clicked the topic open and was even more surprised! See, I learned to knit in school when I was about 9 or 10 and I've always just knit the way I was taught and just assumed that that is how everybody knits. Boy, was I wrong! Among the messages was a link to this. It turns out the way I've been doing my purl stitches is called the Norwegian method. I tried all of the other ones, but still liked mine the best :) No shifting the yarn back and forth, no wrapping or pushing or anything other than holding on to your needles :) I'm sure the others are just as or even more efficient than mine (excpet the one where you throw the yarn after every stitch, that just baffles me), but since I've never had any gripes about purling, I'm not going to force myself to change it. I'm glad I found out about the others, though :)
Please, don't tell me there are different ways to doing the knit stitch as well. I think this is all the surprise and excitement I can take for a while :)

I'm going to leave you with a couple of pictures. The first one is a quilt I finished over the weekend. I had pieced the top together last summer (!) and for some reason let it languish until now. On Sunday I (machine) quilted it. I'm very pleased with it :)

And I've been knitting the wrap cardigan. Back and one of the front pieces are done (not blocked yet) and the second front piece is started. This one seems to practically knit itself!


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