Wednesday, February 01, 2006

If you do not want to...

... hear someone (me, in this case) bitch and whine, then skip this post. But my patience and good humor have been stretched to their limits and I'm about to snap and either scream really loudly or cry. They are doing some sort of renovations on the outside wall at the apartment below us for two hours now, drilling onto the concrete wall, and the noise is unbearable! I've got cotton wool stuffed into my ears but it's not helping much. Luckily I got some writing done this morning before they started because concentrating in this noise is impossible (and no, they did not inform us about this beforehand, which would have been extremely nice). It's snowing really heavily so going for a walk is not an option. I could go to the library to pick up some books I've reserved or go to the post office to pick up a surprise package that arrived this morning, but DH has the car and driving in this weather isn't an attractive option in any case (but I would really like to get my package. Aggravating.) I could technically take the bus somewhere, but I really don't have anywhere I'd want to or need to go (did all my errands yesterday). So I thought I'd cheer myself up by ordering the new Rowan magazine, the four magazines offer they have and their Calmer booklet. Great! So, I start adding them to my shopping basket only to notice it doesn't work! It only puts in two items and when I try to add the third, it deletes one of those already in it. Very, very frustrating! I send them an email, but have no idea how long it takes for them to reply. So now I have got nothing to do put sit here listening to the loud (shakes your bones and rattles your brain) drill. Oh joy.

By the way, part 2 of the sampler mystery is here. And it looks lovely. But I'm not even done with part 1. Depressing. I guess it's just one of those days.

But I do have my new socks on and they are lovely and perfectly warm (when I've added a pair of regular socks underneath). That's something, eh?


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