Thursday, February 02, 2006

Much better :)

Today I had a look through the new cross stitch charts on Hoffman Distribution. The only thing that found its way onto my wishlist was this new Mirabilia chart:

I like the colors a lot (although NOT the fabric color).

I also went to the post office to pick up my packages (another one came today). The first one was my yarn order from a Finnish online store and the second one was my eBay purchase of two issues of Vogue Knitting (Fall and Holiday 2005). The yarn was delicious and the magazines lovely. And she (the eBayer) had added the newest one as well and the postage was a lot higher than she'd asked me to pay her! This puzzles me. Either she is extremely nice and wanted to just basically give them to me and make me super happy :) Or she's mistaken what I bid on and/or is sitting at home fuming with rage about the money lost on the postage :( This baffles me.

Also, I decided to try knitting today (well, I already tried a couple of days ago, but it was quite painful) and it was fine. The arm is still very week (that's what you get for not using it for two weeks) and it's still swollen where the cut was made. Starting on Monday I am allowed to use it as I normally would. So I figured little knitting now would not be too bad and cast on for a cardigan. This one from the new Interweave Knits:


Blogger Christine said...

I agree that the new Mirabilia design is just fabulous!! I'm glad to hear your arm is feeling better and you're able to get back to your hobbies. That cardigan is beautiful!

I guess you could email the Ebay seller and double-check with her about things. I'd like to think she was just being nice! :-)

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