Sunday, March 19, 2006


I feel like I've had a really productive weekend! I've been supressing my decorating urges whole winter (we know we are going to move during the next few months) but I could not not do anything any longer. So on Thursday I visited a fabric store and got these:

During the weekend they've turned into different kinds of table cloths for different chest of drawers and small tables. The red ones will turn into pillows for our couch sometime soon.

It seems I've also been very drawn to bunnies lately. First of, I sew this little cutie, shown here sans clothes and wearing her lovely floral dress:

The instructions are from an old Finnish craft mag. On top of being extremely cute (in my opinion) and odd (in DH's), she is also very eco-friendly. Her body is made using DH's and mine old shirts. (See, I haven't been storing them for nothing for several years! I knew they would be useful someday :) )

Then on Thursday I saw this picture in the newspaper:

And it inspired me to do these:

What are they? Well, allow me to demonstrate:

They are for keeping your eggs warm :) The original ones shown in the news paper picture can be purchased from Pentik.
Using the same idea I also started to make some Easter cards. They're unfinished as I realized we didn't have a suitable to pen to do the writing in. Have to look for one tomorrow.

And finally, another bunny caught my eye. This one I saw in the Marie Claire Idées I posted about (this one is by Anne Claire Petit):

Some yarn, a hook and an idle Saturday morning produced this (the bunny is actually white and the jacket soft pink):

It's lined with the iron-on fabric and I attached a safety pin so I can wear it on my jacket (as in the picture) or on a bag.


Blogger Christine said...

Wow, you've been busy, Lina! I love all the bunnies and the fabric you bought is really pretty, too!

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