Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I love magazines!

I'm still here! I have just been very busy.

This week I've come across two new (to me) magazines, that I really really liked and thought I would share them with you.
First one is a French cross stitch magazine De fil en aiguille.

It has several things in it that I want to stitch, both larger and smaller desings. It also has some interesting looking articles that have me wishing my French was better (I can handle the very basics but not much else). I got this from a new Finnish online store Violarium.

The other magazine is Marie Claire Idées, another French mag. This one has all sorts of craft things in it and, like you can deduct from the title, is full of ideas. It has large and small projects and tons and tons of pictures (some of store bought items). The overall image is elegant and stylish. Again, I wish I knew more French to enjoy the articles. (Here's two reasons to learn!)


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