Friday, March 31, 2006

New shirts for free :)

Look look look! I was going through my clothes the other day and was about to toss these two shirts for good. But then I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try altering them. And so I did! And I think they turned out pretty well :) At least I'll get a few more wears out of them. To the white shirt I added the checkered fabric and to the blue one white lace fabric (folded double).

It was surprisingly easy to do. Although I did have moments where I was less than certain of what I was doing. Moments like this:

That's one sleeve crammed around the base from the neckhole all the way to the wrist (it wouldn't go the other way). I think there are several options for this: a) This actually really was the only way to do it, b) my sewing machine is odd, c) my sleeves are oddly small or d) I really don't know anything about sewing. I'm hoping it's a) but I wouldn't bet on it :)

And yes, I did end up with at least one small mistake:

Most people would have probably ripped it off and put it on again (and I did think about it) but I just didn't feel like cramming it all on the machine again, so it'll have to do.


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