Monday, March 06, 2006

Ripping and laughter

Remember when I said I would like to knit a hood? With this stitch pattern and dimensions like on the one on the cover of Handknit Holidays? Yes, well, I started as I realized I actually had occasions coming up when I could wear one.

The only problem was that this was soooo very boring to knit. I don't know why, but I just didn't enjoy it. I'm guessing it's the combination of not so interesting yarn, not so interesting pattern, a deadline and the pressure of the already started projects which I would rather be knitting. So I ripped it. And you won't see me starting it again anytime soon. I've already decided to make socks for me and DH from the yarn.

I should really teach my DH to knit. Not that I mind that much doing things for him, I actually rather like it. Or the fact that he likes and wants to wear what I knit. But it would just be useful and helpful if he knew how to do it. A case in point:
We were about to leave to one of the occassions I could have worn that hood to, DH's cousin's wedding. I was doing my hair and DH wanted to be helpful and pack what we needed for the car. He asked if I would be knitting his mittens (ahem) in the car and I said I could do that. He went to the living room and found the WIP and packed it and we left. Once we'd driven for a while, I wanted to start knitting and reached into the bag. I pulled out the ball and the needles that held the stitches and even a tape measurer, but then came up empty handed.

"Um, honey? You did take the free needle that was next to the ball of yarn, didn't you?"
"Oh, no I didn't. Would you have needed that?"

Hilarious! I didn't mind it as much as he did (as it was his mitten that was now not going to see any progress) :) He kept looking for a store we could go into and buy a new set, but we didn't see any.


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