Thursday, April 13, 2006

Some stitching

Look! It's a peacock! It means I have finally finished part 3 of Martina's Sampler Mystery :) (Don't mention part 4 yet...)

And here's a chart that's gotten my attention:

I saw it in Nicki's blog few days ago. And made up my mind to order it only to find that it's sold out! How unfair :( They are doing a second printing and now I've just got to find a shop that I can pre-order it from. I know Needlecraft Corner is taking orders, but since they don't have a shopping cart ordering from them is not really an option for me (I'm not comfortable sending my credit card details via email). I've emailed some stores I've bought from previously, so I'll wait and see what they'll answer before I panic ;)


Blogger Nicki said...

That Peacock looks so lovely! Congratulations - it's such a pretty design.

I don't know when I'll stitch Strawberry Garden, and I've already offered the chart to someone when I've finished with it, but if she doesn't want it and you can't find a copy you're welcome to mine! :)

1:09 AM  

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