Saturday, May 27, 2006

Celebrating the winners

As Nicki already mentioned, Finland won the European Song Contest this year (we've never won or even done relatively well before). On Friday the band, Lordi, gave a short free (six songs) concert along with four other Finnish bands to celebrate. Neither DH or I are fans of the band nor really interested in the contest (we didn't even watch this year, given the complete lack of success in previous years), but we went along to enjoy the free entertainment and to see what national mass hysteria looked like ;) And I'm glad we did. I've never been anywhere with that many people around. It's reported there were 90 000 people.

Today, I received the stitching part of my Spring package from Melanie. She had gotten me a year's subscription to an online stitching magazine called The Gift of Stitching. I've only gotten the one issue so far, but it looks great! I really liked the vintage seasonal ladies and there seems to be a lot of entertaining articles along with the patterns. I haven't read it properly yet, as I'm waiting for DH to print it out for me (we don't have a printer at home). I want to enjoy it curled up on our sofa :) Thank you once again, Melanie! A truly wonderful gift.


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