Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Craft blahs

I'm having the crafting blahs. And it's not because there's nothing I want to do or that nothing inspires me. There are several reasons. I cut my left hand index finger a week ago while slicing bread (that's the finger that holds my yarn while I knit) and it's still not fully healed. My allergies are bad, really bad, and I'm just too tired most of the time to do any big projects (big meaning I need a lot of time to take everything out and to make progress) like sewing the skirts and dresses and quilt I have fabric for. Stitching is about the only option I'm left with, but I'm overwhelmed by the amount of WIPs I have and even more than that, I'm disappointed in myself for not managing to keep up with Sampler Mystery II. And I still have one model to stitch (I'm about half way) and as much as I like both of them, I'm just starting to really crave stitching something that has no obligation or deadline. Just today I was looking at the finished items we have in our home and realised I have three seasonal series where I have stitched one part of and would really like to get to the others soon. I also really want to finish Titania as I plan to have it framed and hung togehter with Adia (both by Mirabilia) which has been finished for years now... Oh well.

Here are my two new projects, both started some time ago. The white is the short Rowan cotton cardi I was asking help with some time ago. I finally started and have the front pieces finished already. This is the back. I'll tell you about the changes I've made when I'm done, but it looks to be going okay.

The pink one is going to be a simple crochet belt.


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