Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blue Thursday

Thank you so much all of you for your congratulations! It's been such a long process that it's only just starting to sink in that I have now finished my degree.
I'm in the middle of sewing the skirt and so far so good :)

Blue was the color for Thursday and here are two "blues" that caught my eye today: Blue summer sky and an old blue Moomin mug. I have a set of four different mugs, each with different characters, that my mom bought when I was a kid. We used them nearly every day for our evening tea. Mine was yellow, mom's was red, my brother had a green one and this one was my dad's. The green one had a tiny split and leaks when you drink from it, so I don't use them anymore. I keep them on view in the kitchen because I like how they look and they have a ton of sentimental value.


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