Monday, August 21, 2006

A feast

DH works with a really nice bunch of people and this past Saturday they all got together to have a little end of summer feast. Spouses were invited, too.

The main item on the menu: crabs.

Actually, I don't think crabs are worth all the trouble you have to go to, to get to the edibe bits, but as an event, gathering around the table with good company, it is a lot of fun. And we did have a lot of fun!

Packing and painting etc. really effectively takes up most of my time now as you probably have noticed, but I did manage to squeeze in a little project.

The doily is one I've made years ago and it has been framed in this frame for years. It used to be plain light wood and I had glued some pretty beads to the corners and with a purple cardboard as a "mat". I hadn't hung it up in our current apartment at all, as I didn't like the set-up anymore. Now I was promted to do something about it and so painted it white and glued some light colored buttons to the corners. And put in a pink mat.


Anonymous Katri said...

This doily pattern is my all-time favourite, I've made several of them. I love the way you've framed it!

4:09 PM  

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