Friday, August 11, 2006

Fun day out

My mother was in town for a few days and stayed with us. On Thursday, my brother drove here as well and then the three of us went on a little trip my mother had organized for us. We went to Tallinn, Estonia. It's just a short boat ride away (less than two hours). I've been there few times before and I love love love the old part of the city there.

We spent a good part of the day there, visiting many small antique and handicraft stores, a lovely cafe and an excellent fish restaurant. Another big part of the day was spent looking for fabric and yarn stores (we had a list of addresses taken from a Finnish magazine) and actually did find most of them (despite our list being three years old). At first it seemed that I would find nothing to buy, however. Most of the stores we visited had a lot of fabrics for evening gowns and the like and I was looking for cottons and linens mostly. And if I did happen to find something I liked, the price was too high. The last place we went to was a bit of the beaten track and a true gem :) The selection wasn't particularly large, but especially yummy :) Both my mother and I bought a big bag from there. Oh, and the prices were excellent. I got 7,6 m of cotton fabric (width 1,4 m) for about 20€!

I bought enough of the first two fabrics in the picture to make dresses (if and when I find the perfect patterns) and the last one was just too great to pass by. It's too heavy to make clothes from and it absolutely does not go with our decoration, but I couldn't resist it. I got one meter of it to look at and hope that a "made for it" project will show up one day :)


Blogger Nicki said...

Oh, how wonderful! Tallinn is on my 'must visit' list. That's the wonderful thing about Europe - so many beautiful places to visit and so easy to get to.

The fabrics are all lovely too but I love that last one - I'm not surprised you bought some! :)

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Katri said...

What a coincidence! I visited Tallinn on Sunday. The old town is so lovely, I love the buildings and the narrow streets and visiting the little handicraft shops.

7:48 PM  

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