Monday, August 14, 2006

It's still summer, right?

To me, August is still definitely summer. And I just finished this summer top (cotton yarn) and have already worn it once, too. The pattern is from Moda (a Finnish sewing and knitting mag) and made out of Novita Tennesee yarn. According to the pattern, the stripes were supposed to be equally thick with 150g needed of each color. The yarn, however is sold in 100g balls. Eventhough I found the yarn on sale (discontinued colors or something) I was being a cheapskate and figured I could change the widths of the stripes and bough just 3 balls of yarn, 100 grams of the pink and 200 grams of the navy blue. And it worked! I didn't run out of either color and I had hardly any left-over yarn.

Despite it still being summer and having just knit a summer top, I must admit that clothing-wise, my thoughts are beginning to turn autumnal. I've gone through my knitting patterns and written down what I want to do for this coming fall and winter. I bought the new Vogue Knitting and found even more things to add. I'm also looking at the new Rowan mag and some of the new RYC books and plan to order some (hopefully) soon.


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