Thursday, September 14, 2006

Finally here!

Wow! I’ve just made it through almost three weeks without internet connection. And I can tell you it wasn’t fun! But I’m here now, sitting in my wonderful new (but unfinished) den and happily browsing my favourite sites and blogging away. The move went fairly smoothly, thanks to all the lovely people we had helping us. All the stuff is unpacked and we’re functioning. All the rooms, however, are still unfinished and so I won’t be sharing them here yet. By unfinished I mean each room still needs a piece of furniture or curtains or a mat or something. The picture above is from our kitchen. The crochet valance was made by my father’s mother. I’ve had it for years and finally had a place to put it in. I brought here already when we were still just painting the walls, so it’s the first bit of decoration we put in here.

While I’ve been internet-less, I’ve done a bit crafting. Here’s the apron I made for August (tie one on):

And here’s August’s Sew Retro piece. It’s a bonnet, made by using Amy’s instructions and pattern (mail order 2). I really like how it turned out and, to my husband’s dismay, I am also going to actually wear it. Outside. His comment was: “Oh, that’s cute honey, but you do know that no one has made one in the last hundred years or so?”

While packing and especially while unpacking, I came to the conclusion that I have way too much stuff. Okay, I know my stash is probably quite moderate compared to many, but in proportion to the size of our apartment, it’s (*gasp*) too big! So, I made a drastic decision. I am not to buy any new material until the current stash is halved (or at least reduced to the size of the containers they are supposed to be in).

I have two round baskets for my knitting yarn and in addition there are a bag here and a bag there, hiding away in cupboards or just plainly in the corner of a room. I want the baskets to be able to hold all of my yarn.

I have two plastic boxes for my fabrics and at the moment they actually do hold all that I’ve got. Barely. If you try to move them, you’re sure to send a pile tumbling down. More importantly, I have about a dozen projects lined up. I need to make at least half of them, before buying more.

My stitching stash is quite orderly in its own chest of drawers, but I have many, many project fully kitted and ready to go. So while I do permit myself to buy the occasional chart, I am absolutely not allowed to kit anything up before I have finished let’s say… five of my current WIPs or unless I'm going to start it the very next minute.

There. That should make DH happy, my bank account sigh with relief and me feel better about my hobbies. Fabulous. Let’s see how long I can stick to this :)

Now I'm off to catch up on all the other blogs, with a lovley cup of tea by my side. Oh and apple pie :)


Anonymous Katri said...

Onnea uuteen kotiin!

And welcome back online!

10:23 AM  

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