Monday, September 18, 2006

More walking

It turns out our apartment is in a great area. Nearly everything you might need (an ATM, grocery store, post office, library, pharmacy, even a shopping mall with all the common chain stores, swimming pool, etc.) is within walking distance, or a few minutes by a car. And should you just want to have a nice walk, once you get out the door you can choose among many different paths and within minutes be in walking through scenery like this:

Now, you cannot exactly pretend you're in the middle of the country side, though, as you hear the hum of cars on the highway and the planes flying above all the time. And if that wasn't enough, you occasionally spot what I am going to nicely call "the urban art of people who have way too much time":

Still, I don't think it's too bad for living within 20 minutes train ride from the center of a big city :) (And I know, that the term "big city" can mean a whole range of different things, depending on where you yourself are, but in the realm of Finnish cities, Helsinki is big. The biggest, actually.)


Blogger Nicki said...

That looks gorgeous! And how wonderful to have evrything within walking distance. We have to drive evrywhere and I hate it! :)

4:49 AM  

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