Monday, October 09, 2006

Dare I post this

I've been debating with myself whether I should post this picture or not. As it's not pretty.
This, I'm sorry to say, is our hallway. One corner of it. And, as you see, it is a mess. An ugly mess. I had been planning to have a white hallway, but we couldn't find a suitable rack to hang our coats and such from. Seriously, we've looked from countless places with no luck. And generally, I don't mind waiting and searching for just the right product. It's just that everytime I walk in the door (or walk through the hallway) this mess kind of subconsiously affects my mood.
On Saturday, I was really getting frustrated and we set out again on our search. And we saw a beautiful one, but it wasn't white. After thinking about it over the weekend, we decided to change our plans and create a warmer toned hallway. So today we drive over and buy it along with some other accessories and come back home eager to install it all only to find we do not have the right kind of screws! Well, what's one more day. Hopefully tomorrow I can show a more pleasant picture.


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