Monday, October 30, 2006

Random things

Look look look! We have a new kitchen table and chairs! These aren't new (we got a great deal on a net auction site) so it has some dents and the paint has chipped of from a few places, but we don't mind (and anyway, we are thinking about touching up the paint as we happen to have some white paint). I like this sooo much more than the one that was originally in the house (the black-ish one). The kitchen feels so much brighter now! And the table is extendable. Great for when we have guests over :)

I'm drying some apple rings. These are my healthy winter treat. Perfect with my afternoon cup of tea (and a piece of dark chocolate).

I finished part four of this sampler mystery today (not that big of a mystery anymore, it finished in June, but I don't think it has a proper name yet). The last two parts are quite large (as you can guess from the large empty space), so it'll still be a while until I'm done. I'm going to do another Christmas ornament (or two) now.

And here's the finished Spooky Time by Lavender Wings. I think I'll sew it up into an ornament tomorrow.


Blogger Nicki said...

Love the new table and chairs, they looks lovely. Very simple and much nicer than black!

The Chatelaine sampler looks wonderful too. Beautiful colours :)

11:36 PM  

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