Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rotation plans

Well, sort of. Trying to get my stitching in order, I realized I shouldn't do a rotation based on hours or days or so, but to simply be stitching for as long as I enjoy a project at any given time. Having spent an enormous amount of time thinking about decorating, and more recently that our hallway could do with another stitched piece, I came upon the idea of doing my rotation according to rooms. Now, as I am also wanting to decrease the amount of WIPs I have, I started by dividing my WIPs by rooms they will be in when done. Of the 13 large WIPs (yikes!) that I have, 6 are for the bedroom, 4 for the living room, 2 for the study and 1 for the kitchen. (Some of these are seasonal pieces meant to be rotated and some are going to end up as pillows and such.)

None for the hallway! So, then I went through my charts and divided the ones I most want to stitch at the moment (so not all of my charts) again by the room I intend to put them in. Out of the hallway ones I chose Mirabilia's My Lady's Garden as the one to do next.

I showed it to DH and he approved of the design, but not of me starting anything new. He said, and I quote, "we need to have you finish something first". Fair enough. But once I have finished something, say for the study (I have an existing WIP for this room), I'll be starting this. And then work on it for as long as I feel like and then move onto a piece for the kitchen and then the living room and so on. And once I finish something for a room, I can start a new one (when that room comes up again in my "rotation") IF I don't have anything already started for it.

This doesn't include ornaments and other small pieces which I can start when the mood strikes me :)

On other decorating news, we did get the thing up on the wall and already the room looks so much better!


Blogger Nicki said...

I love your rotation idea :) And I like that Mirabilia too - one of my favourites. I've been thinking a lot about rotations to lately!

6:54 AM  

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