Sunday, October 15, 2006

Update photos

Thank you for the nice comments on my last post! I think what I'm doing with this home is a result of years and years of reading and collecting decorating magazines and then browsing through them again and again. Some ideas have stuck to my mind or given me ideas to other things and just given me new ways to look at decorating. And I really love seeing pics of other people's homes in their blogs, for example. That's another inspiration for me. And, yes, I'm really enjoying it all and enjoying having this place to call my home :)

I've had a lovely and relaxing weekend so far. We had guests (and their new puppy!) over on Friday and yesterday we went out for dinner with another couple. I've had time to work on my WIPs as well. Here are update photos of the knitted vest and the stitched ornament:


Blogger Nicki said...

Gosh you've done a lot on that knitted vest! It's coming along quickly :)

1:29 AM  

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