Saturday, November 04, 2006

November goals

My October goals were:

Knit a vest -almost done!
Knit a hat -erm... no
Stitch Sampler Mystery II part 4 (almost there already) -done!
Stitch something relatively small with an autumn/Halloween theme -done!
Stitch at least one Christmas ornament -done!
Sew the top of the picnic quilt (I'll leave the quilting for spring) -done!
Sew a skirt -nope
Crochet at least a bit on the tablecloth that's been a WIP for ages -nope

November for me is the month to get ready for Christmas. So I'm trying to go easy on myself with the goals and even so I'm assuming I won't meet them.

Finish the knitted vest
Start to knit a pair of socks (at the moment I need these more than the hat)
Stitch on part 5 of the Sampler Mystery
Stitch at least two Christmas ornaments
Sew a skirt (preferably two)


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