Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today I took out the dark grey wool fabric I bought in Shanghai and cut out the pieces needed for a dress.

There's still quite a lot of the fabric left, so I think I might be able to do a knee length skirt as well later.

And look! I just finished knitting the front piece of the vest. The next step is then weaving all those billions of loose ends in. This definitely isn't my favourite part of knitting (is it anyone's?). Then I'll block the pieces and sew them together and knit a rib edge on the neck and armholes. So a bit more to go before there's a finished item to show, but I'm getting there :)

I have no idea what was going on with the back piece (on the right). I thought I had counted the pattern very carefully, but I must have gotten confused by all the decreases as I know see clearly that the pattern does not match.. Oh well, it doesn't look too bad, I hope.


Blogger Nicki said...

You've been busy! As I don't knit, I'm full of admiration for you doing whatever it is you do with those ends! :)

12:57 AM  

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