Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beeswax candles

A while back, I bought beeswax and wick and today I took the plunge and made candles from it! And it was so nice. I love the smell of beeswax, love doing something that people have been doing for centuries... And I love listening to Christmas carols :) The only downside was having to clean up afterwards. I'm throwing away the jar I melted the wax in, put I would like to rescue the pot I used for dipping, buth aven't yet figured out how to get the beeswax off from the sides. (It's my craft pot, previously used for dyeing fabric, for example.) Nevertheless, I would be happyt to do it all again. Maybe this'll be a new Christmas/winter tradition? You can see some of the candles drying between dippings above.

And here they are, all ready to be used. The pot I used wasn't very deep, so the candles are quite short. And I didn't have that much wax, as I just got it to experiment with, so there aren't that many candles. In addition to these tapers, I also put a wick into a used yoghurt can and filled it with wax. It turned out well.
Now just to have the heart to burn them... I made them to be used, but I know myself and I tend to "save" the things I like by never using them. Although, I think lately that's changed a bit. At least, I've already used some of the jelly I made this autumn :)

Christine has received the small Christmas package I sent her. I stitched an ornament for her, but forgot to take a photo of it myself. You can see what it looks in her blog, where she very kindly has posted a picture.


If you want to join the Christmas Ornament SAL I mentioned in my previous post, you should email or get in contact with Nicki. SHe's the one organizing it.



Blogger Karen said...

What pretty candles!!! I love the home-made look to them! Just gorgeous. Are they scented, too??

9:45 PM  
Blogger Nicki said...

You're an inspiration Lina! When we get back to the UK i'm going to try to do more craft things too - these look wonderful!

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Alex Miller said...

Hi Lina, I stumbled across your blog by accident while searching for people who dip beeswax candles for a living. I greatly enjoyed your post and pictures! Just some thoughts on cleaning the pot you used for dipping. If it's metal simply heat it up on a stove and then clean the inside out with paper towels. As a final step you could also use some rubbing alchohol. If the post ceramic or glass, something that works really well to get most of it out is to place the pot upside down in an oven with some paper towels under it, and let the wax drain onto the papertowels. Then wipe the inside clean while still hot. Hope this helps! You have beautiful blog! Alex

4:31 AM  

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