Sunday, December 10, 2006

December goals

We baked gingerbread biscuits on Saturday.

Although a good chunk of December is already behind us, I'm only now getting around to posting my monthly goals.

My November goals were:

Finish the knitted vest -done :)
Start to knit a pair of socks (at the moment I need these more than the hat) -done!
Stitch on part 5 of the Sampler Mystery -um.. well no, not during Nov, but I do have it on the scroll bars now
Stitch at least two Christmas ornaments -done, actually I did four ornaments in November
Sew a skirt (preferably two) -no, still. What's going on here?

For December my goals are:
Stitch on Strawberry Garden on Mondays
Stitch on Sampler Mystery II
Finish knitting the socks I started for DH )only half a sock to go)
Get all of the Christmas presents I've planned done.

About that little straw goat on one of the Christmas decorations pics. It is a very traditional Finnish Christmas ornament and they come in many sizes. But we can't take cradit for it, as it's originally from Sweden. I found this Wikipedia entry that explains its origin.


Blogger Nicki said...

I thought it was a deer! LOL! Thanks for the link - it was really interesting. I'm definitely going to stitch the Yule goat ornament now :)

2:11 AM  

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