Sunday, February 04, 2007

February goals

My January goals were:

Finish the dress I've started -Done!
Stitch Mystery X part 1 -Well, as much as I was able to.. I still haven't got most of the threads...
Finish stitching Sampler II part 5 -Oh yes :) Done!
Stitch the January square on an French freebie thing I found years ago -I started, but didn't finish as I wanted to keep on stitching Sampler II
Participate in the Ornament SAL -Done :)
Stitch on Strawberry Garden on Mondays -Done and finished!
Finish the cardi I'm knitting now -Done!
Finish knitting Sunrise Circle Jacket -Done!
Participate in tie one on if I like the theme -I like the theme but it was for two months, so I'll do it in Feb
Participate in Sew Retro if I like the theme -there was no theme

I did pretty well, I think :) On to the February goals:

Stitch part 1 and 2 on Mystery X
Stitch January and February squares
Finish Sampler II
Knit leg warmers
Knit a lace scarf
Do Valentine's Day cards
And stuffed hearts for decorations
Stitch on Winter's Eve on Monday (a new SAL for Nicki and me)



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