Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Since I last posted I've made another set of the coaster for another friend (also as a birthday present), but forgot to take a picture before I sent them off.

My wrist has been hurting a lot, so haven't done much knitting or crochet. Just a row here and there on Grace, and I did manage to finish of the last half of the second sleeve. Now I just need to put it all together.

On Monday I was happily stitching away on Winter's Eve. I finished part 3 (the gold backstitch) and moved onto part 4. Happily, that is until I noticed I'd made a mistake and not seen it... The mistake is indicated by the red arrow. I made four stitches when I should have done five. And as a result of making that mistake and not catching it sooner, I have to undo all those stitches inside the red line. It might not seem like a lot, but it did take me quite a while to do them (I find Kreinik braid very slow to stitch with). I didn't want to deal with it then so had to put it away. I took this picture yesterday, and I'm ashamed to say, I still haven't done anything to it. Maybe tomorrow. Definitely before next Monday.

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Blogger Nicki said...

Don't you just hate it when frogs come to visit? I've been unpicking a lot lately too. You have my sympathy :)

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Katri said...

You know, I made an error in almost the same spot. Only I noticed it much, much later, and ended up frogging more than half of the colour... I was so angry at myself, but that probably helped me start frogging it right away, even though I just wanted to throw the wretched thing in the corner and forget it there ;-)

12:04 PM  

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