Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A bunch of flowers

I can't believe a whole week has gone by since I last blogged! It's been a busy week, though. DH's American friend works on a cruise ship and the ship happened to dock here in Helsinki last week and we got to spend the day with him and his girlfriend. And we got a tour of the huge boat!
My brother graduated last Friday and my mom threw a party for him. And on Saturday we had my cousin's high school graduation party. So it's been fun :)

Today I got a lovely bunch of flowers!

Marc Saastad of Silver Lining had a sale and I ordered some. I'm not really supposed to spend money on (any) craft supplies at the moment, I want to use what I've got, but these were such a bargain I couldn't resist :)
From the top left: Audrey, Paphiopedilum, Queen of Roses, Laura, Summertime Blues and Ingrid

And here's the latest picture of Winter's Eve. It'll be at least one more week with just the gold braid.



Blogger Sharon said...

Great stash! I like those flowers-but I ever tried to stitch one! winter's eve is moving along!

12:47 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Those are some beautiful flowers!! And the Kreinik may be a pain to work with, but Winter's Eve looks gorgeous!

5:15 AM  

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