Friday, August 03, 2007

More about the trip

Okay, I think I’ve now caught up on every blog on my Favourites folder. If I haven’t left a comment, I apologise, but there was a lot to read! Everyone’s been really busy and productive this past month!

During our trip, I didn’t get to do much crafting. I didn’t take any stitching with me (I know, gasp!, but I can’t stitch in a moving car without getting carsick). I did take two knitting projects with me anticipating to get a lot of knitting done during all that driving from one place to another, but surprisingly I was too engrossed in the landscapes to dig my needles out. I only got a small start on this top (most of what you see here has been done during the few days we’ve been home):

But I did not forget my dear hobbies! I knew there was a Zweigart factory oulet somewhere in Germany and before we left I emailed them for directions and opening times (it’s near Stuttgart in a town called Sindelfingen). And then, one morning we were there! And it was wonderful! One wall was lined up with all the possible colors of linen and Lugana… Truly a lovely sight to see (why didn’t I take a picture??) and just anything and everything that Zweigart does. What I found the most interesting though, were the discount baskets (and there were lots of those too) and as you can see from the picture, I took a bundle of them home :)

I was surprised to see that they also sold knitting yarn there and I picked up there 100% alpaca balls for a bargain price of 1.50€ each (why oh why didn’t I buy more?). I also got some dinner napkins (I think they are cotton or cotton-linen) for 1€/each, which I thought was a good price.

It was a wonderful experience visiting that store, and my dear husband didn’t once complain that I was taking too long (or buying too much!). :)

I didn’t see any (other) cross stitch stores on our trip, but I did see quite a lot of yarn stores. The sad thing is, I only saw them when they were closed. But the good thing (?) is that most of what I saw through the windows were yarns that I can get here as well. It made me quite happy to realize that even if we are the worst country in the world when it comes to stitching supplies (I might be exaggerating here a bit, but not much), we have it pretty good in terms of knitting supplies (except American yarn, which is virtually non-existent here).

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Blogger Sharon said...

oh, I bet the Zweigart factory was pretty neat! Looks like you got some pretty fabrics and yarn.

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