Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rotation thoughts

I love flowers and I love taking pictures of them :) DH's parents came for a visit yesterday, so I bought these to decorate the table.

Today I have been thinking about my stitching. It really bothers me that I have lots of supplies and patterns and even WIPs, and I do stitch, but yet we have bare walls in our apartment. And those seasonal series with only one part finished aren't making me happy either.

So, today I decided to do something about it. I took out all of my charts and WIPs and went through them putting them into piles according to which room they are meant to be in. Then I put them in the order of how badly I want to do them. Those that I did not wish to stitch that badly or didn't know where I would put them once done went into a pile of their own and I will have to go through it later to see which ones I'm ready to sell/give away. I'll also have to go through my wish list with the same scrutinizing eye :) Having that done and knowing what I had and what I would do, already made me feel much better.

When I started stitching, I had large rotation (up to 10 WIPs), but now, especially with my knitting, it just feels too much. So, I decided to have a two-week rotation with three pieces. On Mondays I'll continue to do the SAL with Nicki and then for the rest of the week I will stitch on something else. On Monday it's the SAL again and then the rest of that week will be a third project. I'll start with Titania and an autumn needleroll. If I feel like I've made good progress or deem it otherwise necessary, I can occasionally do smaller items outside my list (like Christmas ornies!).

Let's see how I'll manage :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new rotation and organisation of your WIPs! I was doing really well last month working through my WIPs, but I'm feeling overwhelmed this month by everything I have started. It's perhaps time to give my "rotation" a tweak - your ideas have given me something to think about.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Nicki said...

That sounds good to me! I have far too many things on the go and odd ones of a seasonal group finished too. I was thinking of making a real effort to stitch one seasonal thing for me each season but I sign up for too many SALs, exchanges and RRs!

11:46 AM  

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