Monday, September 17, 2007

New Stash

The first sign of Christmas arrived today!

Every year I order this magazine and every year I'm just as excited to receive it. I though the issue this year was really good. Just by flipping through it, while having my afternoon tea, I saw many ornaments I want to stitch! I'm sure a closer perusal will show me many more. I was also a bit embarrased to realize that despite my best intentions, so far, I haven't gotten many ornaments done this year... Well, I still have time, right?

I also got this chart, Words to Live By by With My Needle.

And this, which isn't exactly what it was supposed to be. I meant to order Awake the Dawning Day (same designer), but this is what I got. I immediately went to see the order comfirmation I'd gotten when placing the order several weeks ago (I pre-ordered the mag) and sure enough, there it was too. I don't get how after carefully thinking about my purchase, I still manage to click on the wrong chart! And then let the order confirmation just sit in my inbox without even glancing at it! Oh, it would have been soooo easy to just read through it and correct the mistake before my order was sent to me. I'm quite angry with myself. The shop will let me return it, but I have to pay the postage for sending it back and for the new chart (naturally since it was my mistake) plus a restocking fee.

Don't get me wrong, this is a very pretty chart as well, but I want to stick with my new stitching philosphy of only getting charts I'm absolutely positive I want to stitch and have a place in mind for the finished project. Does anyone have the Awake the Dawning Day they don't need (or won't need after stitching it)? Would you want to do a swap? If not, I'm not sure if I should return it or sell it and by the other chart later on.

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Blogger Christine said...

Oooo, I really want a copy of the JCS issue! I'll have to call my LNS and see if they're bringing it in. If not, I'll have to order it.

Sorry to hear that you ordered the wrong chart! I hope you can find someone who has the chart you want.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Sharon said...

Lina, I have that chart. Had to find it first before I said anything. You are welcome to have it if you would like. Email me. See my profle for the address

12:09 AM  

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