Saturday, September 22, 2007

What I've been doing lately

I've baked. I made granola (again) and this lingonberry pie.

I've read. Currently I'm reading this great book by Daniel Pool. I really enjoy books from the Victorian era (and earlier), and this will help me to understand them even better. It tells about the habits and customs people had then as well as the etiquette and things to do with everyday life like money and measurements. On the background on the floor you can see my cabled cardigan. It's progressing quite nicely.

I've also taken my little pumpkins out. I bought them last year and managed to dry them so they are still good for displaying.

Today, DH and I went shopping for plants and came home with a mini rose (is that what these small potted roses are called?) for the study.

And a cyclamen for the living room. These are my favourite plants to buy in the fall. The colors of the flowers are so bright and beautiful! According to my house plant book, you should be able to grow them year round indoors, but I've never managed that. I think the most I've gotten out of them is about three months before they have died. And that was in a different house. We'll see how long this one lasts.

On the right you can see the third thing we brought home. A rather large palm (my dictionary gives two English names for it: areca palm and golden yellow palm). I love, love, love it! I've wanted one for a long time now. The pot is on the floor and naturally it needs a cloth underneath it. Since I have some crochet yarn and a hook, I figured I might as well make it myself, rather than spend time and money looking for one from the stores (or eBay) :) I've already started it.

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Blogger Poshyarns said...

That Lingonberry pie looks so good, are Lingonberries the same as cranberries?

Thank you for your very kind comment on my finished Hourglass and with reference to the cabled coat, I have been stalking Ebay but there is a saving to be made. I think I am definitely going to make it and in the prescribed yarn, either the same green or chocolate brown. It will be costly but I think I will wear it a lot.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

My mom has a couple of cyclamen that have lasted for years. I'll ask her if she has any tips to help you with yours!

6:21 AM  

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