Monday, October 29, 2007

City dwellers in the forest

This Saturday DH and I drove to the west coast of Finland to help his parents clear their little plot of wilderness. They are thinking of building a summer cottage there.

The day was grey and dark, but luckily it didn't really rain. I walked and enjoyed the scenery. And admired the contrast between the rough stones and freshly cut trunks and branches and these willowy and soft reeds. I was told someone had recently seen a seal in the bay. I didn't see it but I did hear and see a big splash. I like to think it was the seal.

While I was going about enjoying the fresh air and the nature around me and taking lots of pictures, DH was busy actually doing something. He said he really enjoyed hacking away with the clearing saw.

Well, I did do something else besides just loitering around. I filled our trunk with pine twigs and all sorts of branches and reeds and pine cones. I'll show you tomorrow what I did with all of them.



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