Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Craft fair

This past weekend I went to Tampere to visit a friend and a craft fair. It was so much fun! As always. We've been going there for years now.

No photographs from the actual fair, but it was packed full of people. And there's always so much to see and do. Glean new ideas, get to know new crafts, admire the products of the artisans selling their stuff there (and buy some), browse new books and, of course, shop for craft supplies. This year my loot wasn't that sizeable, but I'm very happy with it :)

I got this French cross stitch mag from my favourite Finnish online cross stitch store. I was hoping to meet the owner, Lennu, who is a fellow blogger, but unfortunately she was having her lunch at the time I was in that area. I did meet her mom, though :)

I also got a bit of felting fleece. I saw these cute heart-shaped ornaments there and thought I'd give them a try. I've only felted once before and that was years and years ago in junior high.

I also got this. Or rather, the big skein of Finnish wool from which I knit this during Saturday evening and Sunday. I still need to steam it before I can show it to you properly.

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Blogger Nicki said...

Hmm, that looks interesting! What is it? LOL! :)

9:19 PM  
Blogger Leena said...

Olipa harmi kun ei nähty, äiti kyllä kertoi terveisiä, kiva kun selvisi keneltä :) Messuilla aina tuntuu että ei millään malttaisi poistua hetkeksikään osastolta, ettei vaan missaa jotakin ihanaa ihmistä sillä välin! Mutta pakko syödä välillä että jaksaa :) Toivottavasti treffataan ensi vuonna!

10:40 AM  

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