Monday, December 18, 2006

A new pair of socks

Just moved my blog to beta... I hope I can get this to work...

I mentioned I was knitting socks for my DH. Well, here they are. I finished them over the weekend. He chose the colors himself. He found them from my stash, and eventhough I did offer to go and buy more, he said he wanted me to use these. No wait... Now that I think about it.. maybe he didn't desire these particular colors so much after all. Maybe he just didn't want me to buy more yarn.

I showed him the blue-grey one and he said it needed something bright to go with it. He spotted the bright pink yarn (which is the same as in his mittens I did last winter) and went on to plan the composition. And then I knitted them. So they are the product of our joint efforts :)



Blogger Stitcher said...

Hope you don't mind me leaving you a message. Just wondering what the weather is like. I fly to Enontekio on Thursday.


6:15 PM  

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