Sunday, January 20, 2008


I haven't yet shown you my first finish for this year. I got these mittens done almost two weeks ago now. I got the yarn from eBay last September and was going to knit long gloves from it. I didn't find any pattern that I would have been happy with, and having never knit gloves I wasn't brave enough to just wing it, so I made mittens instead. I used the flap-top mittens pattern from Handknit Holidays as my guide, but I didn't so the flap.
Since I'd purchased enough yarn for long gloves, but ended up doing normal mittens, I still have about 100g of the yarn left. Gotta find something to knit it into as I really like the yarn!

As for the picture... Well, DH bought a digital systems camera a while ago and we both like to go out and practice using it whenever we can (the rainy and super-cloudy weather we've had for, um, two months now doesn't give us that many opportunities). It rained a lot yesterday, so today we drove up to the rapids near us and they were gorgeous! After watching the rapids and DH photographing them for a while, I just stuck out my hands and told him to take a picture of them :)

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Blogger Christine said...

Your mittens looks really warm and cozy, Lina!!

9:31 PM  

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