Monday, October 15, 2007


Thanks for all the comments on the new look!

You've seen the bedroom and the hallway and today I want to show you my kitchen. Having lived with white walls for years and years in our previous apartments (rental, so we couldn't paint or wallpaper), we decided to paint the kitchen with color. During those white walls years, I'd read and reread a huge pile of decorating magazines and daydreamed about what colors to use when I'd finally have a chance to use paint. I'd settled on a green kitchen, so we went and searched for the perfect color. This wasn't the exact shade I had in mind, but I love it and I'm so happy with it!

Here is the view from the door.

And moving in a clock-wise direction, here is the kitchen from the next corner. The stove and oven are behind me.

Here's a view from the window-side of the room. Through the doorway, you can see across the hall and into the living room.

Here you can see the cabinets. They and the tiles are a lovely soft grey color (were here when we bought the apartment) and I think they go really well with the green on the walls. Other colors in the kitchen are white and pale wood.

I took an extra photo of this shelf-cabinet thing, because it's my favourite thing in the kitchen. It was made by my father's grandfather. My parents moved and redecorated a few years ago and suddenly didn't have a place for this. I volunteered to take it and my dad was happy to keep it in the family :) It holds many things that are dear to me: my small collection of Moomintroll mugs (I don't like the newer ones, so that's why it's so small), things picked up on our travels or gifted to us, along with a few photographs. To mention a few things, on the table top you see one of my first cross stitch pieces (Teresa Wenzler's Tempest) and a cookie jar my grand aunt made for me.

So, that's my kitchen. Compared to a lot of other kitchens, it's small, but it's the largest one I've had yet and at the moment, it's working for us just fine :)



Blogger Sharon said...

Lina, I love your kitchen. It is so clutter free! Beautiful!

5:09 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I love your kitchen!! It looks so light and airy. Great job decorating it!

7:04 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Thanks so much for sharing photos of your kitchen. I love the green you've used for the walls.

7:57 PM  
Blogger Nicki said...

It's gorgeous Lina! I love the colour and it all looks so bright and cheery :) It's not too small either - ours is much smaller - really tiny!

1:36 PM  

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