Friday, June 08, 2007

This is where I sleep

I realized, that although I love looking at pictures of other people's homes, I've hardly shown any pictures of mine. You've only properly seen the hallway. The rest of the house has been coming together gradually and it's almost done, so I thought I'd show you some pictures of our bedroom.

The bed is probably the spot that has the highest concentration of things I've made in our home. I've done the bedspread (I hand quilted it; I was crazy!), the nap quilt, some cross-stitched pillows and Bertil. You can also see the stars hanging from the headboard. I'm thinking of taking them down, though, because they seem a bit wintery to me. Oh, and on the nightstand on the right side (my side) you can see a bit of the lovely wedding sampler DH and I got from Christine!
I've also done the crochet doilies that are on the nightstands (and slightly visible in some of the pics).

This photo shows that I do have some framed cross stitching on the walls, too! It's the Bride by Lavender and Lace.

This pic is taken from the window and towards the door, through which you can see the hallway and the blue wall of our study. Oh, and my small teddy bear collection (from around the world). And you might also notice that the chair by the door has some of the wool socks I've done and a cardigan as well (I think it's also time to pack those wool socks away!). The pink knitted shawl is a gift from a friend.

And these are some of my favourite things in our bedroom. Some old lace, my wedding bouquet, the wooden horse and two victorian antique prints.

What I still want to do is get a new carpet/rug to replace the beige one with the stripes. And I want to put more stitching on the walls :)



Blogger Sharon said...

Your bedroom is lovely! It is so airy and bright.

2:27 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

What a gorgeous bedroom, Lina!! I feel very honored that the wedding gift I made for you is displayed there. :-)

Do you have a more close-up picture of that beautiful pillow on the bed, the one with the blue stitching? I can't quite see it and it looks gorgeous!!

4:44 PM  
Anonymous selina said...

wow, it's beautiful :) You have such a lovely place.

9:07 AM  

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